Home Window Replacement & Installation

Before you start your window replacement project, you need to make sure you’re getting the right fit. Using a tape measure, determine how wide the frame needs to be. You can use a utility knife to trim any excess material. You also need to measure the window sash, as this is where you’ll need to cut it. Once you have the measurement, fill in the gaps with minimally expanding foam, and then replace the stops.

Once you have decided which windows you want, you should know the price. The price of new windows will vary depending on the brand you choose, whether you choose vinyl or wood, or if you’ve selected vinyl-clad wood. Some window installers offer free estimates, so make sure you ask for this information upfront. In addition, ask about any rebates or tax credits that may be applicable. You should also check to see if there are any special offers available in your area.

You should also ask about local rebates. Many utility companies offer incentives to customers who purchase energy-efficient windows. If you meet the requirements, you can get as much as $200 back from them. Some utilities even provide incentives for customers to install new windows that help the environment. If you decide to choose the latter, make sure you check with your local utility company to see if they offer any. If so, you should find out which programs apply to your situation.

The first step in installing new windows is to remove old windows. Be sure to remove any fiberglass that’s still in the weight pockets. You should then drill holes through the head and side jambs. After this, you can spray the foam into the sash-weight pockets. You can also cut any excess foam and replace the panels. You can also apply elastomeric caulk to the casings of the new windows and make sure they are tight and leak-proof.

Before the installers arrive, you should prepare for the window replacement. If you’ve never had windows replaced before, you’ll have to prepare for the installation process. Before the installers arrive, make sure you’ve arranged for someone to watch your pets and keep small children out of the way of the installation crew. You may also want to schedule a day when you’ll be away, since many of the process will involve heavy lifting and moving.

Ensure that the window replacement company you choose is licensed and insured. It will also offer you free estimates. Once the installers arrive, make sure you’re available during the installation process. A window replacement can be costly, but it’s worth it. It will increase your home’s value and energy efficiency, as well as make your home look more beautiful. When choosing a window, it’s important to consider its function, where it’s located, and its functionality.